The Oxbow Revelation

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The Oxbow Revelation book

25 days in a life . . .
It's 1975 and high school student Paul Roberts has recently left his church. He struggles to find a morality based upon something more than common belief or personal opinion. Then he becomes engaged in a series of conversations with a co-worker. Soon they have embarked upon a journey that neither had imagined possible.

"...The Oxbow Revelation reads like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance crossed with East of Eden, with shades of American Graffiti as its backdrop." "... A serious, mysterious and sometimes sexy book about finding morality."

Interwoven with humorous episodes of cruising the main drag and poignant stories of first love, Paul and his co-worker consider how the practical application of philosophical realism can guide human values.
Originally poised to ignore the fact that their descriptions of realism also mirror the attributes of God, their examples keep echoing other religious stories, East and West. The mystery compounds until they can even understand the "virgin birth" through the eyes of realism.

"Religious philosophy for the common man. You can focus on reason, ignoring every religious reference within the book, and the self-evident values remain. But don't ignore too much; this is cutting-edge religious scholarship." " opening salvo for a new religious realism."

A compelling look at religion beyond belief.

Reader's Favorite
Reviewed by Lorraine Carey for Readers Favorite

"The Oxbow Revelation" may have you questioning your own belief system on spirituality and opening your eyes to a new twist on how the psychology of reality can foster our social harmony and help us grow. We find Paul, a young teen who is on the fringe of a spiritual quest for truth and a better understanding of religion. He appears to be your normal teen growing up in the seventies as he encounters fast cars, fast girls, and partying with his buddies. However, this teen also encounters some very strange occurrences which teeter on the edge of paranormal! He works at a gas station where his partner Chang is a very mysterious Chinese man who seems to be Paul’s Yoda. He introduces Paul to Taoism which causes them to search and discover how this old religion has many beliefs that parallel the Bible. Together they examine and discover hidden messages in the Bible. Both of them get engaged on a quest to find the deeper meaning of religions and how realism has influence on our values. The ending will surprise you as this new found spiritual understanding has Paul emerging as a spiritual changeling. This book definitely had me examining my own belief
Paul Gibson’s use of creative dialogue between Paul and Chang makes you feel as though you are right there engaged in the conversations. This is what makes it real! It was such a smooth read and I loved the way Gibson portrayed Paul as a character who is so believable. I was also a teen during the seventies and really identified with car cruising and the social scene. Anyone who is looking for enlightenment written in a most creative format will love this book!